Donor conception from the viewpoint of the child Positives negatives and promoting the welfare of the child

The well-being of donor-conceived children is reviewed, disclosure trends are discussed, and child-related consequences of older parents using donor conception are considered with the goal of promoting the welfare of the child.

Julianne E. Zweifel, Ph.D.

Volume 104, Issue 3, Pages 513-519


Use of donor egg and donor sperm has made parenthood a possibility for many who could not achieve it through natural conception. The use of donor gametes may also permit prospective parents to mitigate a number of health problems for the hoped-for child. Promoting the welfare of the hoped-for child, however, includes not only the consideration of good physical health but also necessitates consideration of psychological, emotional, and social well-being. This paper will review the impact of donor conception from the viewpoint of the resulting child including the psychological, emotional, and social well-being of donor-conceived children. It will discuss the topic of disclosure and closely consider the expansion of donor conception to older parents from the viewpoint of the child.

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