Peritoneal fluid in the pouch of Douglas Strategically located and affecting reproductive events

Johnny S. Younis, M.D., Neri Laufer, M.D.

Volume 104, Issue 4, Pages 831-832


The classic paradigm describing the physiology of reproduction in women relies mainly on the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis. The ovarian steroids estradiol and progesterone control endometrial development in a cyclic pattern to achieve implantation and maintain pregnancy. This process is regulated predominantly by the endocrine and paracrine systems acting through neurons, blood vessels, and nearby cell-to-cell mechanisms. The potential contribution of free peritoneal fluid (PF) in the pouch of Douglas to the regulation of female reproductive processes has not yet been comprehensively investigated or understood in normal or pathologic conditions.

  • Bebu Seems Pandey

    This chronic condition of peritoneal fluid in pouch of Douglas is really confusing. I have at least four patients out of which one conceived but rest have not. Suspecting them to be endometriosis I did laparoscopy but fluid turned out to be exudate/ transudate but not haemorrhagic, in majority this fluid keeps increasing and involves endometrial cavity too. I just want to know how do you tackle this issue. Thinking its due to VGF , will cabergoline help in settling it? And for how long and what dose and when to start ? As I have noticed fluids coming back post COCs.

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