When Should Progesterone be Stopped in IVF Cycles?: Author Interview

October 2012 Featured Author Interview  – Drs. Juan Garcia Velsaco & Steven Palter

Fertility and Sterility’s October, 2012 feature article author interview. Video and New Media editor Steven Palter interviews Juan Garcia Velasco, the Medical Director of IVI in Madrid Spain his randomized trial of of early discontinuation of progesterone in IVF vs standard therapy.

Most patients in the world undergoing IVF are given progesterone supplements.  Are progesterone supplements really needed?  How long should progesterone supplements be continued?  New research suggests progesterone can be stopped much earlier than before in ivf cycles.

Early progesterone cessation after in vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a randomized, controlled trial

Graciela Kohls, Francisco Ruiz, María Martínez, Erik Hauzman, Gabriel de la Fuente, Antonio Pellicer, Juan A. Garcia-Velasco et al. (Vol 98 | No. 4 | October 2012) Pages 858-862


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