Recognizing the Limitations of a Meta-Analysis

Barbara Jean Stegmann, M.D., M.P.H.

Volume 98, Issue 3, Pages 610, September 2012

Reflections on “Is early age at menarche a risk factor for endometriosis? A systematic review and meta-analysis of case-control studies”

  • Micah Hill

    I completely agree, this is
    a helpful article from Dr Stegmann on meta-analysis limits. I especially
    appreciated the comment on how inclusion of poorly designed, underpowered
    studies can increase the chance for error. More is not always better and a
    meta-analysis is only as strong as the trials it is reviewing.

  • NicoGarrido

    Dear Dr Stegmann, congratulations for your valuable contribution.
    I think it clarifies which the meta-analysis limits are, in a crystal clear way, and how sometimes they are overestimated.
    Although the theoretical value of metaanalysis compared with RCT may be superior, it will largely depend on the quality of the primary studies.

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