Haploid Sperm-Like Cells Created From Human Stem Cells – Sept 2012 Author Interview video

September 2012 Featured Author Interview  – Drs. Carlos Simon & Steven Palter

Fertility and Sterility’s September, 2012 feature article author interview. Video and New media editor Steven Palter interviews Carlos Simon the Scientific Director of IVI and IVIomics on his study of the first ever production of haploid cells from human testicular sperm precursor stem cells shedding new light on male infertility.

In this study the authors were able to successfully grow haploid cells (sperm precursor) in vitro from human testicular biopsies obtained from men with both obstructive and nonobstructive azoospermia. Doing so required coculture with helper seroli cells and particular growth factor addition.

Surprisingly sperm precursor stem cells were found even in the testicles of men without sperm providing an amzing research model and potential future treatment for severe male factor infertility.

In the interview there is discussion of both the methods used athe findings and how it may impact male infertility treatment in the future.

The article’s full title is “In vitro production of haploid cells after coculture of CD49f+ with Sertoli cells from testicular sperm extraction in nonobstructive azoospermic patients”

This landmark study was chosen as a Fertility Sterility “Seminal Contribution”

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