Mens health A benefit for men or a marketing opportunity

Mark Sigman, M.D.

Volume 105, Issue 2, Page 274


There has been a significant rise in interest in “men’s health” over the past several years. In addition, attention to men’s health clinics has increased with promotion in traditional and Internet-based media. Mainstream medical organizations such as the American Urological Association and the American Society of Andrology have highlighted men’s health at their annual meetings, with the former even sponsoring the formation of the American Society of Men’s Health. Why all the interest, what is “men’s health,” and is this good for men? It seems commonly accepted that men in general are less likely than women to seek health services.

  • msamplaski

    The concept of “mens health” is en vogue at present. What remains to be determined is the level of interest. In my opinion, it seems that there are some men who are very interested, and then some who prefer a less involved approach to their medical care. In addition, we have little data that the institution of these programs will improve outcomes for men. Making these programs easy for men, and showing them that they will improve their health is the key to their success. As these programs become more prevalent, we will likely be able to determine their optimal execution and where our efforts should be focused.

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