Biomarkers for ectopic pregnancy and pregnancy of unknown location

Novel biomarkers for ectopic pregnancy and/or pregnancy of unknown location could have clinical utility, but none are currently validated. A biomarker test will likely be made of multiple markers and may include newly discovered markers.

Suneeta Senapati, M.D., Kurt T. Barnhart M.D. M.S.C.E.

Volume 99, Issue 4, Pages 1107-1116, 15 March 2013


Early pregnancy failure is the most common complication of pregnancy, and 1-2% of all pregnancies will be ectopic. As one of the leading causes of maternal morbidity and mortality, diagnosing ectopic pregnancy and determining the fate of a pregnancy of unknown location are of great clinical concern. Several serum and plasma biomarkers for ectopic pregnancy have been investigated independently and in combination. The following is a review of the state of biomarker discovery and development for ectopic pregnancy and pregnancy of unknown location.

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