Preliminary results of the first human uterus transplantation from a multiorgan donor

We report the first-year results of the longest-lived human uterus allograft.

Omer Ozkan, M.D., Munire Erman Akar, M.D., Ozlenen Ozkan, M.D., Okan Erdogan, M.D., Filiz Gunseren, M.D., Mehmet Cincik, M.D., Elif Pestereli, M.D., Huseyin Kocak, M.D., Necmiye Hadimioglu, M.D., Murat Yilmaz, M.D., Derya Mutlu, M.D., Gamze Bektas, M.D., Ayhan Dinckan, M.D., Omer Gecici, M.D., Gultekin Suleymanlar, M.D.

Volume 99, Issue 2, Pages 470-476.e5, February 2013

To describe the first-year results of the first human uterus transplantation case from a multi-organ donor.

Case study.

University hospital.

A 21-year-old female patient with complete mullerian agenesis who had been previously operated on for vaginal reconstruction.

Uterus transplantation procedure consisting of orthotopic replacement and fixation of the retrieved uterus, revascularisation, end to site anastomoses of bilateral hipogastric arteries and veins to bilateral external iliac arteries and veins was performed.

Main outcome measure(s):
Resumption of menstrual cycles.

The patient had menarche 20 days after transplant surgery. She has had 12 menstrual cycles since the operation.

We have described the longest-lived transplanted human uterus to date with acquirement of menstrual cycles.

  • Munire Erman Akar

    Dr Hill, thank you for your comment. Yes the patient has already received MFM counseling. Our MFM group has extensive experience on renal transplant pregnancies. Preeclampsia, miscarriage, low birth weight, iugr are the most common problems observed. Uterine artery blood flow, immunosuppressive serum levels, infection screening, blood pressure, fetal ultrasound, liver and kidney function tests will be closely monitored. We are planning cesarean delivery due to jejunal neovagina. We will be happy do discuss any further comments. Thank you for your interest.

  • Micah Hill

    Thank you for a truly fascinating article. My question has to do with the planned management of the pregnancy after embryo transfer. I was curious if the patient has already received MFM counseling and what their management plan is, specifically with regard to route of delivery, monitoring, ect.

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