Progesterone supplementation after oocyte retrieval: How long is it really needed?

Steven Ory, M.D.

Volume 98, Issue 4, Page 812, October 2012

Reflections on “Early progesterone cessation after IVF/ICSI: a randomized, controlled trial”

  • Suggest taper progesterone over 2 weeks unless Already bleeding. Safe.

  • Steve– so in your commentary you appear to agree with the RCT in this issue that progesterone is overused based on the data— in your practice when do YOU recommend stopping it for IVF patients and do you ever use it for IUI cycles?

    • Micah Hill

      I am also curious if anyone is using progesterone support routinely for IUI cycles? It is a topic we have been discussing lately.

      • Many are Micah but the indications remain unclear. Some centers supplement a some none. The companion reflections paper suggests not but no data is given

  • sjory

    Comments and questions are welcome.

    • Steve– posted a question for you on what do you do now in your practice and if this study changed what you do…

      • Steven Ory

        Great question! Our group of 9 reacted much as the bloggers on the forum for Juan’s article. It prompted a spirited discussion. We are slow to let go of our dogma, yet much of our IVF practices are not evidence based and that is certainly true for progesterone supplementation. As a result of Juan’s submission and other RCTs, we have reduced our period of progesterone support from 10 weeks for fresh cycles and 12 weeks for frozen and recipient cycles to 8 weeks for all. Hardly a bold step. As our comfort level increases, I expect that we will go to 6 weeks but this process represents a consensus of 9 practitioners.

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