Male Rejuvenation: Longevity Science or Dangerous Hype?- Journal Club Live

Welcome to the Fertility Sterility Live June 10th, 2013
Journal Club Live!™ Platform Event for Urology and Male Fertility

This will be the world’s first Urology Live
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“Male Rejuvenation: Longevity Science or Dangerous Hype?”

This month we will devote the Cyber Journal Club to a topic rather than just a single article.  We will review the Four Views and Reviews Articles with their authors and an international panel of experts in male reproductive medicine, rejuvenation, and reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

This is the world’s first online live video journal club. For hundreds of years journal clubs have been the main way medical professionals learned new breakthroughs and how to critically read the medical literature. However the world is rapidly changing….

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600 PM EDT Monday June 10, 2013







Mark Sigman, MD Brown University
Martin Miner, MD Brown University
Edward Kim, MD University of Tennessee Knoxville
Jared Moss, MD  University of Tennessee Knoxville
Abe Morgantaler, MD Men’s Health Boston, Harvard Medical School
John Morley, MD St Louis University of Medicine
Jim Hotaling, MD U Illinois Chicago
Steven Palter, MD Gold Coast IVF
Robert Brannigan, MD Northwestern University
Sátur Luján Marco, MD University Hospital La Fe Valencia (Spain)
The four papers with their links to the Fertility Sterility open online discussion forum are:

Introduction: Male rejuvenation: what the reproductive specialist needs to know
Mark Sigman Vol 99 | No. 7 | June 2013 | Pages 1801-1802

A psychological perspective on male rejuvenation
Martin M. Miner, Michael A. Perelman Vol 99 | No. 7 | June 2013 | Pages 1803-1806

Scientific overview of hormone treatment used for rejuvenation
John E. Morley Vol 99 | No. 7 | June 2013 | Pages 1807-1813

Effect of rejuvenation hormones on spermatogenesis
Jared L. Moss, Lindsey E. Crosnoe, Edward D. Kim Vol 99 | No. 7 | June 2013 | Pages 1814-1820




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