Criteria for number of embryos to transfer A committee opinion

ASRM/SART guidelines for the number of embryos to be transferred in in vitro fertilization cycles are presented.

The Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Practice Committee of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

Volume 99, Issue 1, Pages 44-46, January 2013

Based on American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology data available for 2010, ASRM’s guidelines for the number of embryos to be transferred in in vitro fertilization cycles have been further refined in continuing efforts to reduce the number of higher-order multiple pregnancies. This version replaces the document of the same name that was published most recently in August of 2009.

  • We have done an extensive search in several CPGs international databases and could only find your CPG that matches our identified health questions (PIPOH model)

  • Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Dear Staff of Practice Committee, American Society of Reproductive Medicine


    May I introduce myself; I am Dr. Yasser Sami Amer, Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) General Coordinator/Advisor for the University Hospitals’ Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee and Quality Management Department, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    Currently we have a program for international evidence-based CPGs adaptation/ adoption, dissemination and implementation which have been launched in all of the clinical departments in our University Hospitals through very active representatives from all departments and units who formed taskforces (= Departmental CPGs subcommittees). And we now have nearly finalized and approved 25 adapted CPGs from several international organizations with their honourable permission (e.g.
    NICE, CANMAT, SIGN,…etc.) and currently ready for implementation in our

    We have decided to appraise and adapt/ adopt your CPG “Criteria
    for Number of Embryos to transfer: a committee opinion” for our practice in the Departments of Obstetrics & Gynecology and IVF Lab ( through OB/GYN Department CPG Subcommittee which is leaded by Prof. Dr. Saleh Al-Asiri, Dr. Neama Meriki and Dr. Hazem Almandeel) and all other relevant clinical departments in King Khalid University Hospital and King Abdelaziz University Hospital (which are University, Educational, Public, Governmental, and Non-commercial/ Non-private Healthcare facilities and also note that these activities are not affiliated to pharmaceutical companies or any other form of Profit activities)

    Our CPG adaptation process methodology is the ADAPTE version 2.0 process for CPG Adaptation (Note we are an organizational member in the Guidelines
    International Network (G-I-N); through our Shaikh Bahamdan Research Chair for Evidence-Based Health Care and Knowledge Translation (which is leaded by Prof. Dr. Lubna A. Al-Ansary, Professor of Family Medicine and Member of the Board of Trustees of G-I-N).

    And we will clearly mention in our documents that it is adapted/ adopted from your original source ASRM CPG with full acknowledgment of your source and the web links.

    We have only one obstacle as I went through the ASRM website in the [Practice
    Committee Documents] and found your definition of A ‘Committee opinion’ as one
    of the types of practice guidelines but I could not find a detailed documented
    methodology of development of your clinical guideline neither in the 2013 or
    2009 documents and since one of the main steps of appraisal of our selected CPG
    for adaptation is by utilizing the AGREE II Instrument (APPRAISAL OF GUIDELINES for RESEARCH & EVALUATION II) where the scores in Domain #3 (Rigour in development), which is all about the methodology of development, might not be high when scored for the currently available 2009 and 2013 ASRM documents.

    So therefore I would be grateful if you could help me clarify whether the methodology of development of this CPG was mainly evidence-based or consensus-based (expert opinion) or both; and send me any related documents (e.g. evidence summaries, evidence tables and classification of strength of evidence and/or strength of recommendation you have assigned in the CPG) .

    Also please kindly send us your permission for
    using your CPG for our
    adaptation/adoption and implementation process to be included in our CPG report
    and documents.

    Thank you

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