February 2015

Introduction: Nongenetic markers of oocyte and embryo competence
David R. Meldrum
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 301–302

Oocyte environment: follicular fluid and cumulus cells are critical for oocyte health
Daniel A. Dumesic, David R. Meldrum, Mandy G. Katz-Jaffe, Rebecca L. Krisher, William B. Schoolcraft
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 303–316

Oocyte competency is the key to embryo potential
David Keefe, Molly Kumar, Keri Kalmbach
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 317–322

Choosing the best embryo by time lapse versus standard morphology
Kirstine Kirkegaard, Aishling Ahlström, Hans Jakob Ingerslev, Thorir Hardarson
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 323–332

Omics as a window to view embryo viability
Rebecca L. Krisher, William B. Schoolcraft, Mandy G. Katz-Jaffe
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 333–341

Searching for the perfect child
Inmaculada de Melo-Martin, Zev Rosenwaks
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 342–343

Controversies concerning mitochondrial replacement therapy
Robert Klitzman, Mark Toynbee, Mark V. Sauer
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 344–346

Endometriosis may be associated with mitochondrial dysfunction in cumulus cells from subjects undergoing in vitro fertilization-intracytoplasmic sperm injection, as reflected by decreased adenosine triphosphate production
Albert L. Hsu, Paige M. Townsend, Sergio Oehninger, Frank J. Castora
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 347–352.e1

Aromatase inhibitors for subfertile women with polycystic ovary syndrome: summary of a Cochrane review
Sebastian Franik, Jan A.M. Kremer, Willianne L.D.M. Nelen, Cynthia Farquhar, Jane Marjoribanks
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 353–355

Ovulation induction: once bitten, twice shy?
Robert F. Casper
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Page 356

Building a family through in vitro fertilization—economic realities
Kate Devine, Robert J. Stillman, Alan H. DeCherney
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 357–358

Ulipristal acetate in uterine fibroids
Daniela Galliano
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 359–360

Micro-electrophoresis: a noninvasive method of sperm selection based on membrane charge
Luke Simon, Kristin Murphy, Kenneth I. Aston, Benjamin R. Emery, James M. Hotaling, Douglas T. Carrell
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 361–366.e3

Meta-analysis of estradiol for luteal phase support in in vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection
Na Huang, Bing Situ, Xiao Chen, Jianqiao Liu, Pengke Yan, Xinhuang Kang, Songzhi Kong, Min Huang
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 367–373.e5

Fragmentation of human cleavage-stage embryos is related to the progression through meiotic and mitotic cell cycles
Mette Haug Stensen, Tom Gunnar Tanbo, Ritsa Storeng, Thomas Åbyholm, Peter Fedorcsak
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 374–381.e4

Birth weight is associated with inner cell mass grade of blastocysts
Frederick Licciardi, Caroline McCaffrey, Cheongeun Oh, Cecilia Schmidt-Sarosi, David H. McCulloh
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 382–387.e2

Effect of male and female body mass index on pregnancy and live birth success after in vitro fertilization
Karen C. Schliep, Sunni L. Mumford, Katherine A. Ahrens, James M. Hotaling, Douglas T. Carrell, Megan Link, Stefanie N. Hinkle, Kerri Kissell, Christina A. Porucznik, Ahmad O. Hammoud
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 388–395

Is there a relationship between time-lapse parameters and embryo sex?
Fernando Bronet, María-Carmen Nogales, Eva Martínez, Marta Ariza, Carmen Rubio, Juan-Antonio García-Velasco, Marcos Meseguer
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 396–401.e2

International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technologies: World Report on Assisted Reproductive Technologies, 2007
Osamu Ishihara, G. David Adamson, Silke Dyer, Jacques de Mouzon, Karl G. Nygren, Elizabeth A. Sullivan, Fernando Zegers-Hochschild, Ragaa Mansour
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 402–413.e11

Live birth in a 50-year-old woman following in vitro fertilization–embryo transfer with autologous oocytes: a rare case report
Geetha Rani, Sourendra Goswami, Ratna Chattopadhyay, Sanghamitra Ghosh, Baidyanath Chakravarty, Ashalatha Ganesh
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 414–416

Potential risk of monochorionic dizygotic twin blastocyst formation associated with early laser zona dissection of group cultured embryos
Mitchel C. Schiewe, John B. Whitney, Robert E. Anderson
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 417–421

Novel topical formulation of lidocaine provides significant pain relief for intrauterine device insertion: pharmacokinetic evaluation and randomized placebo-controlled trial
Sara Tornblom-Paulander, Berith K. Tingåker, Agneta Werner, Caroline Liliecreutz, Peter Conner, Hans Wessel, Gunvor Ekman-Ordeberg
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 422–427

Perinatal outcome after fetal reduction from twin to singleton: to reduce or not to reduce?
Jigal Haas, Aya Mohr Sasson, Eran Barzilay, Shali Mazaki Tovi, Raoul Orvieto, Boaz Weisz, Shlomo Lipitz, Yoav Yinon
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 428–432

Surgical treatment affects perceived stress differently in women with endometriosis: correlation with severity of pain
Lucia Lazzeri, Silvia Vannuccini, Cinzia Orlandini, Stefano Luisi, Errico Zupi, Rossella Elena Nappi, Felice Petraglia
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 433–438

Iron overload–modulated nuclear factor kappa-B activation in human endometrial stromal cells as a mechanism postulated in endometriosis pathogenesis
Carlos Patricio Alvarado-Díaz, Marco Tulio Núñez, Luigi Devoto, Reinaldo González-Ramos
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 439–447

The Great Recession, insurance mandates, and the use of in vitro fertilization services in the United States
Sorapop Kiatpongsan, Robert S. Huckman, Mark D. Hornstein
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 448–454

Adolescent and adult uterine volume and uterine artery Doppler blood flow among subjects treated with bone marrow transplantation or chemotherapy in pediatric age: a case-control study
Fausta Beneventi, Elena Locatelli, Giovanna Giorgiani, Marco Zecca, Tommaso Mina, Margherita Simonetta, Chiara Cavagnoli, Mara Albanese, Arsenio Spinillo
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 455–461

Pregnancies and live births after 20 transplantations of cryopreserved ovarian tissue in a single center
Ralf Dittrich, Janina Hackl, Laura Lotz, Inge Hoffmann, Matthias W. Beckmann
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 462–468

Searching for metastases in ovarian tissue before autotransplantation: a tailor-made approach
Ellen J. Hoekman, Vincent T.H.B.M. Smit, Timothy P. Fleming, Leonie A. Louwe, Gert Jan Fleuren, Carina G.J.M. Hilders
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 469–477

Sperm cryopreservation in adolescents and young adults with cancer: results of the French national sperm banking network (CECOS)
Myriam Daudin, Nathalie Rives, Marie Walschaerts, Véronique Drouineaud, Ethel Szerman, Isabelle Koscinski, Florence Eustache, Jacqueline Saïas-Magnan, Aline Papaxanthos-Roche, Rosalie Cabry-Goubet, Florence Brugnon, Dominique Le Lannou, Claire Barthélémy, Jean-Marc Rigot, Thomas Fréour, Isabelle Berthaut, Sandrine Giscard d’Estaing, Françoise Touati, Marie-Claude Mélin-Blocquaux, Oxana Blagosklonov, Claire Thomas, Mohamed Benhamed, Françoise Schmitt, Jean-Marie Kunstmann, Patrick Thonneau, Louis Bujan
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 478–486.e1

A genome-wide screen for copy number alterations in an adolescent pilot cohort with müllerian anomalies
Jaclyn B. Murry, Xiomara M. Santos, Xiaoling Wang, Ying-Wooi Wan, Ignatia B. Van den Veyver, Jennifer E. Dietrich
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 487–493

Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome discordance in monozygotic twins: matrix metalloproteinase 14, low-density lipoprotein receptor–related protein 10, extracellular matrix, and neoangiogenesis genes identified as candidate genes in a tissue-specific mosaicism
Katharina Rall, Simone Eisenbeis, Gianmaria Barresi, Daniel Rückner, Michael Walter, Sven Poths, iethelm Wallwiener, Olaf Riess, Michael Bonin, Sara Brucker
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 494–502.e3

First systematic experience of preimplantation genetic diagnosis for single-gene disorders, and/or preimplantation human leukocyte antigen typing, combined with 24-chromosome aneuploidy testing
Svetlana Rechitsky, Tatiana Pakhalchuk, Geraldine San Ramos, Adam Goodman, Zev Zlatopolsky, Anver Kuliev
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 503–512

Bacterial colonization with balloon uterine stent placement in the uterus for 30 days: a randomized controlled clinical trial
Yu-Hung Lin, Tsrang-Neng Jang, Jiann-Loung Hwang, Lee-Wen Huang, Kok-Min Seow, Bih-Chwen Hsieh, Chien-Hsien Huang
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 513–518.e2

Efficacy and safety of repeated use of ulipristal acetate in uterine fibroids
Jacques Donnez, Robert Hudecek, Olivier Donnez, Dace Matule, Hans-Joachim Arhendt, Janos Zatik, Zaneta Kasilovskiene, Mihai Cristian Dumitrascu, Hervé Fernandez, David H. Barlow, Philippe Bouchard, Bart C.J.M. Fauser, Elke Bestel, Paul Terrill, Ian Osterloh, Ernest Loumaye
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 519–527.e3

Follow-up to genome-wide linkage and admixture mapping studies implicates components of the extracellular matrix in susceptibility to and size of uterine fibroids
Brahim Aissani, Kui Zhang, Howard Wiener
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 528–534.e13

First reported case of sextuplets conceived via letrozole for ovulation induction
Gunwant Warraich, Tannys D.R. Vause
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 535–536

Each small antral follicle in ovaries of women with polycystic ovary syndrome produces more antimüllerian hormone than its counterpart in a normal ovary: an observational cross-sectional study
Priya Bhide, Merve Dilgil, Anil Gudi, Amit Shah, Charity Akwaa, Roy Homburg
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 537–541

Inflammatory biomarkers and telomere length in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
Daiana Cristina Chielli Pedroso, Cristiana Libardi Miranda-Furtado, Gislaine Satyko Kogure, Juliana Meola, Maja Okuka, Celso Silva, Rodrigo T. Calado, Rui Alberto Ferriani, David L. Keefe, Rosana Maria dos Reis
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 542–547.e2

Transcription factor SOHLH1 potentially associated with primary ovarian insufficiency
Shidou Zhao, Guangyu Li, Raymond Dalgleish, Svetlana Vujovic, Xue Jiao, Jin Li, Joe Leigh Simpson, Yingying Qin, Maja Ivanisevic, Miomira Ivovic, Milina Tancic, Farook Al-Azzawi, Zi-Jiang Chen
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 548–553.e5

Modification of the Beckman-Coulter second-generation enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay protocol improves the reliability of serum antimüllerian hormone measurement
Laurentiu Craciunas, Stephen A. Roberts, Allen P. Yates, Alexander Smith, Cheryl Fitzgerald, Philip W. Pemberton
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 554–559.e1

Transgenerational effects of binge drinking in a primate model: implications for human health
Catherine A. VandeVoort, Kristin N. Grimsrud, Uros Midic, Namdori Mtango, Keith E. Latham
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 560–569

Effects of resveratrol on ovarian response to controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in ob/ob mice
Estefanía Cabello, Pablo Garrido, Javier Morán, Carmen González del Rey, Plácido Llaneza, David Llaneza-Suárez, Ana Alonso, Celestino González
Vol 103 | No. 2 | February 2015 | Pages 570–579.e1

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