Endometriosis: enigmatic in the pathogenesis and controversial in its therapy

Endometriosis prevalence is as high as 35%-50% in women experiencing pain or infertility. This “Views and Reviews” is devoted to the pathogenesis and treatment of this enigmatic disease.

Jacques Donnez, M.D., Ph.D.

Volume 98, Issue 3, Pages 509-510, September 2012

The pathogenesis of endometriosis is enigmatic. Its therapy is still controversial.

  • Sergio– glad you like the forum discussion and your suggestion to use this kind of interactive give and take discussion to help the editorial review process is a fascinating idea. You are correct the old way of review is slow and one sided until there is a decision then replies–your idea to have a give and take discussion to shape the paper is exciting and I will pass it on the the editorial board

  • Sérgio Soares

    I thank Prof. Donnez for the excellent introduction to this exciting issue of Views and Reviews and for the insightful suggestions he gave us as an associated editor. I also encourage Fertility and Sterility to use communication channels as fluid as the forum in the editorial process. It is my belief it will be of great use.
    Concerning Prof. Donnez’s comment on the goal of medical therapy of endometriosis, I must say we certainly agree that symptoms relief is top priority, though the relevance of lesions activity and fibrosis formation on clinical manifestations (infertility included) cannot be denied. Clinical trials to come must ideally assess improvement in life quality and control of the impact of disease at the anatomic and functional levels.

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