Thirty five years later the first assisted reproductive technology program opens in Cambodia

Dominique de Ziegler, M.D., Sokteang Sean, M.D., Antonio Pellicer, M.D.

Volume 103, Issue 5, Pages 1146-1149


In the fall of 2014, the first assisted reproductive technology (ART) program opened in Cambodia. This event took place in Phnom Penh 35 years after Cambodia emerged—in the early days of 1979—from the worst geopolitical nightmare and genocide that the world has known since the Holocaust. In nearly 4 years of abuse, the Khmer Rouge regime through active killing and starvation had exterminated a third of the country’s population, who perished in the Killing Fields. In January 1979—the nightmare suddenly over—the country stood in rags and tears, with all needing to be rebuilt from scratch while wounds healed.

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