Sperm or No Sperm That Is the Question Finding the Elusive Spermatozoa

Grace Marie Centola, Ph.D.

Volume 98, Issue 4, Pages 822, October 2012

Reflections on “Supersensitive fluorescent semen analysis: validation on azoospermic and oligozoospermic samples”

  • NicoGarrido

    Nice comment Dr Centola,
    you pointed and addressed one of the main concerns in the andrology lab: the limitations linked to visual confirmation of the absence of sperm in anejaculate, leading then to the option of performing testicular biopsy. The reclassification of 22% of semen samples into oligo instead of having azoospermia in Beyer’s study is a significant finding, avoiding many patients unnecesary surgical procedures.
    It overcomes human limits in sperm analysis with extreme samples!
    this is a path deserving further exploration

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