Adherence compounds in embryo transfer media for assisted reproductive technologies Summary of a Cochrane review

The article presents a systematic review of the addition of adherence compounds to the embryo transfer medium used in assisted reproductive technologies.

Stephan Bontekoe, M.D., Neil Johnson, M.D., Deborah Blake, Ph.D., Jane Marjoribanks, M.P.H.

Volume 103, Issue 6, Pages 1416-1417


The addition of adherence compounds to embryo transfer medium may improve fertility outcomes in women undergoing assisted reproductive technologies.

  • Jason M. Franasiak

    Many thanks for your reply

  • Jane Marjoribanks

    Dear Jason,

    No. The trials have not been standardised for these factors. For further information on inclusion criteria, please have a look at the original systematic review.
    Kind regards

  • Jason M. Franasiak

    A very interesting summary. Were all the studies included standardized in terms of ultrasound guidance and soft catheter use?

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