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Fertstertforum.com was designed to fill the void in discussing medical literature. Each year there is more to read, yet fewer opportunities to discuss what you read.  With the pace of innovation accelerating exponentially, many physicians and researchers find themselves falling behind and feeling increasingly isolated.

For more than 60 years, Fertility and Sterility has been the leader in reproductive medicine research. Leveraging the power of the Internet, social media, and multimedia, this site allows you to find links to every article published in Fertility and Sterility, with a space to post comments.  All access is open and totally free. You’re able to comment on any article that piques your curiosity.  Perhaps you question a method, or some detail in the paper seems to be missing.  Ask the author!  Perhaps, you agree with the finding, or in your practice you see the opposite — share your valuable insight.

Fertstertforum.com gives you a 24/7 opportunity to sit down to coffee with the authors of your favorite article and ask the questions you want.

In addition, site allows you to view the multimedia content of Fertility and Sterility in one location. This includes interviews with authors and original video articles, as well as authors’ video commentaries on their work.  This multimedia content is also accessible through YouTube to ensure maximal free access.

We hope you enjoy the forum.  Please comment freely and send me your feedback on the site’s helpfulness.

All the best,

Steven Palter, M.D.
Video & New Media Editor
Fertility & Sterility
Medical & Scientific Director Gold Coast IVF
Creator of Fertstertforum
Medical & Scientific Director
Gold Coast IVF

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